Oil, Water or Gas Conveyance Repairs

Why are the streets always under construction?

Mile & miles of pipes...

Our experienced HVAC specialists also repair oil, water, and gas conveyance systems, which include the pipes and hook-ups for the main oil, water, and gas supply to commercial buildings.

Spartakus Plumbing and Heating provides high quality products with great service to New York City’s oil and gas. We provide bulk hoses, fittings, and accessories for hose assemblies.

With quality products, great customer service and an extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff, Spartakus Plumbing and Heating will provide top-notch oil and gas supply. To learn more email us or give us a call.

Fun Facts

Did you know that there is a t least 6800 miles of mostly iron and steel pipes, some of which are over 100 years old distributing water throughout New York City?

Con Edison maintains the largest steam system in the world with over 100 miles of piping providing energy to over 1800 buildings in Manhattan alone.

New York has one of the oldest natural gas systems in the country with over 6400 miles of gas mains undergoing constant upgrades.

New York city's wastewater system is carried through over 7500 miles of pipes and tunnels which were placed in the ground over 100 years ago.

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What our clients are saying...

Excellent work! The Spartakus plumbing team did a phenomenal job. They replaced my aging water tank with a brand new one, just within 2 hours. Job was very clean and very reasonable price. I cannot express in words how pleased I was with their service. Highly recommend to not look anywhere else but Spartakus!

Fast and friendly and couldn't be happier!

Great customer service and prompt response time with same day repair! Fast and friendly and couldn't be happier!! Thank you so much for making it a smooth repair, will recommend to friends! They were prompt and professional, and most importantly they explained everything they were doing thoroughly and would go through each step and show you what they are doing so you have confidence that they aren't just overselling / over repairing something.  Very reasonable labor costs, friendly, knowledgeable and patient.  

As a restaurant owner, I have little time to be preoccupied with non-food related issues. When a toilet inside our restroom sprung a leak, it nearly flooded the entire dining room. At this point, there was only one company to turn to. Spartakus. They fixed the leak within an hour and my business was up and running the very next day. I couldn’t have done it without these guys. 5 stars!!!

Truly a top rated company.

This company deserves more than five stars. They didn't just replace my heater and air conditioner, they built me a new system for my house. Going above and beyond is a understatement. Their staff was the nicest that I've ever come across. Truly a top rated company. Thanks Spartakus. Great job.

“Luckily Spartakus had the answer.”

My home has always been very susceptible to power outages. Our location high-up on a hill amplifies winds and exaggerates the affects of storms that roll through. My wife and I were tired of losing power with every simple rain storm. Luckily, Spartakus Plumbing had the answer with their incredible selection of generators. We found the right one within minutes and had it installed the very next day. Now, it would take a hurricane to keep us in the dark!